Travel guide for non-English speaker parents

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Wrote on Nov. 20, 2019, 3:33 a.m.

The purpose of making these two videos is to help Chinese parents who do not speak English and come to visit their relatives in the United States. The videos include detailed procedure of international flights between China and the US, what may be encountered during the journey, and things to know for entering both the Chinese and US customs. Video one was taken on my way from the US to China, bypassing the third country - Japan; and the other was taken from Beijing to the US, including domestic connecting flight transfer in the US. Hopefully these two videos can provide visual assistance for your future trips.

父母独自乘机指南【回国篇】 伯明翰 - 芝加哥 - 东京 - 北京 全程体验 + 美国国内、第三国转机 + 入中国海关

父母独自乘机指南【赴美篇】 北京 - 达拉斯 - 伯明翰 全程记录 + 注意事项 + 入美国海关 + 转机