USYF France Trip 2023

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Wrote on July 1, 2024, 9:39 a.m.

On Christmas Day in 2023, we embarked on the USYF International trip to France. For Sommer, it was a rewarding futsal learning journey. Being in the company of 8 outstanding teammates, we underwent several days of shared training, life experiences, and matches. Through this, Sommer gained a fresh understanding of the practical tactical aspects of Futsal games. Additionally, we were fortunate to visit three cities in France: Nantes, Rennes, and Paris. We explored the local landmarks and historical sites. It was truly a memorable and worthwhile trip! Please enjoy our vlogs!

Day 1 First Training & Welcome Meeting

Day 2 Hat-Trick on International Debut

Day 3 - Rennes

Day 4 - Tough Day against District Select

Day 5 - Free Day in Nantes

Day 6 - Paris in the Rain

Day 7 - Last Game · Trophée des Champions